Just add your pets favourite shampoo, desired water temperature, and clean your pet ANYWHERE!

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A portion of proceeds go to animal welfare groups

Furr Dogz is great for camping, hiking, or when you just don’t want to put your pet in your own bathtub. This all in one pet cleaning station not only allows you to shampoo your pet, but the unique washing mitt also combs, desheds and massages all at the same time. Furr Dogz makes the cleaning process not only quicker, which relieves anxiety for both pet and owner, but also has health benefits for your pet such as increased circulation.

The pet cleaning station uses only a small portion of the water you would use cleaning your pet using a hose or in your tub. How can it get better? We donate a portion of all our sales to local animal welfare groups.

How Pet Cleaning Works with Furr Dogz

Furr Dogz is extremely easy to use


Fill the bone shaped canister with water before you head out or from a water source you find on your adventure.


Add your pet’s favourite shampoo or coat treatment into the soap dispenser.


Pump the handle to pressurize and you’re washing! Turn the soap dial on to lather, then off when you’re ready to rinse.

It’s just that easy!


How the Furr Dogz Portable Pet Cleaning Station came to be

After years of trying to wash our pets the traditional way, in a bath tub or with a garden hose, we found both ways were not suitable for most pets and created stress for all involved.

This is when I got the idea for a portable washing system. This new system, Furr Dogz, you can take anywhere! Camping, hiking, bring it to the dog park, it is completely portable. That alone reduces the stress level for both pet and pet owner.

The new wash system makes the pet bathing experience fun and easy. With a few uses your pet will invite the idea of bathing and it will become an event they will look forward to. You can now wash your pet in a place they feel comfortable regardless of water availability, at home or out on an adventure.

The lady you see here is my Aunty Noreen.  Noreen was passionate about two things; family and animals. Animals and animal welfare were a great passion of hers. She had four pets of her own, and volunteered at the Brooks Animal Protection Society – BAPS. She would not back down to animal users and abusers. Noreen was often called by the local policing agency to remove and care for abused animals found in and around crime scenes. She would put the well being of the animals ahead of her own, sometimes confronting and giving a tongue lashing to the abusers themselves.

After the devastating news of cancer and the battle that ensued, Noreen continued to be a voice for the animals and a great pillar in our family. During a visit with Noreen,  when she was finally sidelined due to her illness, my wife Karlee and I bought her a stuffed cuddle puppy that she named Harvey. My wife was then pregnant with our first child. Noreen was greatly anticipating the arrival of our daughter but unfortunatly lost her battle in the spring of 2011, two months before the arrival of our daughter Brooke.  She will be greatly missed by family friends and all the animals she selflessly deffended and saved.

Shortly after Noreen’s passing my Aunt Joyce, Noreen’s sister, dropped off a stuffed cuddle puppy at our house, it was Harvey. Noreen made sure that my wife Karlee and I got the stuffy back for our daughter Brooke. Brooke is now 5 and has selflessly handed Harvey down to her little sister Addyson.



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